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We are also looking for clients that have multiple advances and are looking to stack/consolidate for a longer term or more money and are willing to use collateral to do so. We DO NOT CARE about the client having to net 50% of the proceeds. As long as the client can afford to consolidate or an additional payment and it benefits the client there is no set % that the client must meet.


Our lender's current offering includes standard collateralized loans up to and in excess of $1.5 million, with payback terms of up to 24 months and interest only loans secured by real estate collateral with 1 to 3 year terms.      



The loan offerings are summarized in the table below:



Type of Loan      Max Amount  Max Term     Collateral                   Payment Options



Base                  $2mm+          36 months    Real Estate                 Daily, Weekly


Interest Only   $2mm+          36 months    Real Estate                 Daily, Weekly

                                                                                                            interest only



Collateralized loans offer advantages over unsecured loans for certain borrowers, often either providing funding where others cannot or offering much larger funding amounts with longer terms.  We can work with restricted industries, purchasers of businesses, business owners with poor personal credit, businesses with few monthly deposits, and is tolerant of NSFs.  Our lenders unique interest only product that can provide up to three times as large a loan amount versus an amortizing loan.  We can also offers the longest terms for 2nd and 3rd positions available in the industry. 



1)           Applying for a loan


An application needs to be submitted, in addition, the client’s most recent 6 month’s business bank statements should accompany the application (all accounts, all pages). A description of the collateral property should also be submitted, along with Value and amount of any existing liens on the property.  


**Official submission of the loan will require a copy of the tax bill, and mortgage statement(s).  Submission of these items with the application will significantly streamline the application-to-funding timeline**



2)            Initial analysis Phase


The statements, application, and property information will be analyzed and “most likely” details of the potential loan will be presented to the client as a conditional approval.  These details will include term, payment & structure.  Borrower will be asked if he/she would like to proceed.



3)            Remaining submission documents collected


If the property information was not collected in step one (recommended) we will need to collect Deed, tax bill & mortgage statement.  A copy of a voided check will also be required.  At this point, we also need the borrower to complete and sign an ACH authorization allowing said lender to collect the fees we need to pay our vendors for title reports/insurance and valuation reports (Broker Price Opinion/Property inspection). Costs are as follows…Residential Title: $290 Residential Valuation: $300 Commercial Title: $365 Commercial Valuation: $1,200.



4)            Collateral Reports are Ordered, Received, and evaluated internally


The client WILL be contacted by one of our third-party, contracted representatives to schedule a property inspection.  The faster the client schedules the property inspection, the faster the overall  process can occur. This process can take anywhere from 3-10 business days, depending on the property type, location, and loan request.  **Please be patient during this process.          


We are working as fast as we can and want to fund as fast as you do!!!!**



5)            Final Approval from Investment Committee is delivered


This process is FAST and is completed (typically) the same day we receive and review the third party reports (valuation and title insurance).  If the title insurance company has any additional stipulations, they will request these at this point



6)            Client will receive a call from the back office/processing unit of lender.  


Processing will contact the client directly for a brief Q&A.  Requests for any additional/supporting documentation MAY be requested at this time.  The processor may ask question that the client has already provided answers to or request documentation that has already been submitted.  Client should make note of any items requested that have NOT been submitted and send those to lender ASAP



7)            Client will be contacted by Notary to schedule closing


Upon submission of any outstanding documentation, client will be contacted by a Notary Public to schedule in-person closing.  Closing should be scheduled ASAP.  Notary will contact lender after client has signed the contracts



8)            LOAN IS FUNDED!!!!






 The following documentation is needed to approve a collateralized loan:



v         Application (We can accept your application) 


v         Third Party Fee Authorization Form


v      The past 6 months of bank statements for all business bank accounts (all               pages including those left intentionally blank)


v          A Clear Copy of Driver's License (Cell Phone Picture Suffice)


v          Voided Check For Business Bank Account (Cell Phone Picture Suffice)


v          Copy of Last Year’s Business Tax Return (2016) including K-1 or Schedule G.                           Schedule C or E for Sole Prop


v         When Pledging Real Estate please provide: copy of deed(s), if not fully owned, please            provide most recent mortgage statement(s), and a copy of  most recent property tax             bill 


v          Profit & Loss Statement 2016



Our lenders have a wide range of programs constructed to help business owners get out of debt. The type of clients we are looking for are clients that have poor credit and only has offers for 25% - 50% of monthly revenue when their cash flow can support a higher loan amount (we will lend up to 300% of monthly revenue as long as the client can afford it and is willing to use real estate collateral and even raw land regardless of credit)



( Free & Clear Real Estate (65% LTV on R.E.) to secure a higher loan amount. 

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